Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Funny Baby Pictures

Summer is one of the best times to take photos and capture memories of your baby.

Babies experience a number of new things and tastes during their first summer and these moments are well worth the effort of creating a scrapbook.

In the months before your baby's first summer, make plans to take a lot of pictures and keep a calendar or notebook handy to write down special occasions and amusing events.

Some great ideas for a scrapbook revolving around your baby's first summer include photos of swimming or outdoor play, interaction between baby and siblings or pets, and pictures of facial expressions while eating a first snow cone or ice cream. Babies have a wonderful time throwing balls and chasing after the family pet.

Funny Baby Pictures

Keep your camera within easy reach and make sure to bend over when taking photos so that you are on the same level as your baby.

Some of the best pictures to include in your summer with baby scrapbook are those that are taken while your child is unaware of your presence. Water toys and sprinklers are great fun for baby and the photos you can capture will make outstanding and funny additions to your scrapbook.

Family picnics and reunions are also great times to snap photos of your baby. Relatives and other children playing with your baby make great memories that can be preserved in your scrapbook.

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